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Secrets revealed - How to cheat properly

So you’ve worked out hard all week, stayed on track with your healthy eating and

are feeling good, but it’s time for a cheat meal. We often get asked the best way to incorporate a cheat meal or re-feed into your diet and exercise plan, so we put

together a few tips to keep you on track in 2018.

1. Make a home cooked meal instead of going out. You can save yourself a lot

of calories by staying in and cooking for yourself rather than eating your cheat

meal at a restaurant. Cooking your own meal means you know exactly what’s

going into your food, and can control any unnecessary oil, simple carbs, and

sodium. If you’re craving a burger and fries, make a lean burger at home and try

baked yam fries. You’ll satisfy your craving, and drastically reduce your calorie


2. Eat Clean. By skipping packaged, processed foods and focussing on nutrient

rich items, you can refeed without the guilt. Your cheat meal should always have

nutritional value, since the objective is to spike your metabolism and refuel your

glycogen stores. After days of being in a calorie deficit your body will slow your

metabolism down, so you want to rev it back up. Skip snacks like chips or candy

and opt for a home-cooked steak, baked potatoes & Caesar salad instead.

3. Stay Focused on Protein. For every refeed you should aim to include protein,

and avoid large portions of carbs and fats. While you may be craving something

greasy and full of carbs, try to limit these foods and incorporate high protein

alternatives that won’t set your progress back.

4. Keep It to a Meal! A refeed or cheat meal should be limited to just that, one

meal. During your refeed you can increase your calorie intake, but don’t let it spill

over and result in binge eating through the day, and snacking into the night. Stick

to your meal plans and stay on track!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and a cheat meal provides a

break from a strict diet and health plan. But your refeed should refuel your body,

not act as an excuse for binge eating processed foods with no nutritional value.

Keep protein and fresh food in mind when preparing your homemade cheat meal

to maintain momentum and continue achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

Written by Katie Tatham. Follow Katie at​


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