6 ways to create a sustainable Fitness Routine

March 2, 2017

Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle can seem daunting and sometimes like more of a chore than a positive. A very common mistake that we see, is people starting out and going way too extreme and then not long after, stopping completely because they burn themselves out or have set unattainable goals and feel discouraged. These 6 tips will help you create a positive and sustainable fitness routine that you can continue on long term.


  1. Join a gym close to your house or work – This is very important. Convenience plays a huge roll when it comes to consistency. There are already enough excuses of why you might convince yourself to skip a workout, actually getting yourself to the gym shouldn’t be one of them! If you join a gym close to your work you can easily go either before or after your shift. Once again, if you eliminate going home in between, it cuts down on possible distractions/excuses not to go.

  2. Set a workout schedule – Decide which days work best for you to go to the gym and write them into your schedule. Maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday before work will be convenient for you or maybe Tuesday, Thursday after work and Saturday morning works best. Setting a schedule will help keep you accountable and you will be more aware if you do happen to miss a workout and need to make it up another day.

  3. Follow a workout plan – Having a plan to follow will not only help you feel more comfortable in the gym, it will also ensure you are properly working all the body parts evenly. There are tons of workout plans online or you can buy a custom one from a Personal Trainer! Knowing what you are going to be working on each day also helps keep you accountable because you don’t want to miss a certain area or workout!

  4. Find a workout buddy – Having someone to workout with or even go to the gym at the same time with is a great way to keep you on track. They will encourage you to go on days when those excuses start to creep in, and in turn you will also help them in the same way. It can also add an element of fun having someone to work out with!

  5. Set realistic goals – There is no worse feeling than to feel like a failure or that you cannot complete something you were working towards. Always make sure you set realistic and attainable goals. I always tell my clients that it is easier and more satisfying to achieve 5 small goals than to fail at 1 big one. Realistic goals may include “Working out 3 times per week” or “go to at least 1 yoga class per week”. Unrealistic goals may include “lose 15 pounds by next month” or “go to the gym 6 days per week”. It is always better to add more workouts in once you have gotten used to what you are doing. Feeling accomplished is the best satisfaction and will leave you hungry for your next achievement.

  6. Hire a Personal Trainer – Hiring a Personal Trainer has so many positive benefits! The biggest benefit to having a trainer is that added element of accountability. They will make sure you are getting your workouts in while you’re with them and on your own. We always encourage our clients to workout outside of their sessions allowing them to create the positive habits that they will need to continue on without us. Most Personal Trainers should have no problem providing you with a program to do outside of your personal training sessions (some trainers will charge extra for this although I think that’s ridiculous!!). Your trainer will also make sure your program is suited personally to you depending on your goals, experience level and any injuries or imbalances that you may have!

These 6 simple steps will help set you up on a positive and consistent fitness routine. Fitness is a way of life and should be something that you continuously work on long term! I hope these tips have helped inspire you to create a plan that will work for you! Check out our other Fitness and Nutrition Blogs on our website www.VIPFitnessVancouver.com/Blog