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10 Most Common Health Myths

1. FAT MAKES YOU FAT – Contrary to popular belief and mainstream media/marketing tactics, FAT is actually NOT the enemy!! Healthy fats are a very important part of ones nutritional intake and should make up almost a THIRD of your diet! It’s important to learn and understand the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats.

2. LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL MAKE GIRLS BULKY – Women do not produce enough natural testosterone to develop extremely large muscles. Lifting weights (even heavy weights) will allow women to tone their muscles but it takes a LOT of work, time and proper nutrition to grow the muscles large. The more muscle on your body the higher your metabolism will be as well. Don’t be scared to hit the weights ladies!

3. EGGS MAKE YOUR CHOLESTEROL HIGH – Although eggs do contain DIETARY CHOLESTEROL, there is no link between them and increased BLOOD CHOLESTEROL. Your body naturally produces levels of healthy cholesterol which causes a decrease in the amount of blood cholesterol in your system. If your dietary cholesterol intake rises (eating eggs etc), your body compensates by producing less cholesterol of its own. Eggs yolks are high in antioxidants and nutrients and the whites are high in protein and have been known to be called a “perfect food”.

4. YOU HAVE TO CUT OUT CARBS COMPLETELY TO LOSE WEIGHT – Just like with healthy fats, carbohydrates are a VERY important part of your daily nutrition. They give your body energy and help with your brains function and maintaining a well-running metabolism. Limiting your carb intake and choosing only fibrous, complex carbohydrates will allow you to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

5. SPOT TRAINING TO REDUCE FAT – In a perfect world we would be able to do 1000 crunches and have a flat tummy…unfortunately that’s now how it works. Resistance training produces hypertrophy and muscle building which is what gives you shape but unfortunately you can’t burn fat in one area specifically. Everyone’s body fat distribution is different; some people hold more in their tummies, some in their legs and arms etc. Fat reduction is a result of being in a calorie deficit which is achieved through proper nutrition and cardiovascular exercise.

6. GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN FOODS MEANS HEALTHY – Just because something is GLUTEN FREE or VEGAN does not mean that it is healthy or beneficial to your health goals. It can still be high in sugar, empty carbohydrates and contain unhealthy fats etc. Always read the labels on all of your food choices to be sure it stays within your specific goals.

7. A SCALE IS THE BEST WAY TO TRACK YOUR FITNESS PROGRESS – Muscle is known to actually weigh more than fat. This is the main reason that relying on a scale alone to track your progress might leave you feeling frustrated. We always use multiple tracking methods with our clients including measurements, body fat analysis and progress photos!

8. YOU HAVE TO STOP EATING AT A CERTAIN TIME – When it comes to weight loss or maintenance it all depends on how many calories you eat per day, not the time that they are eaten at. The problem with late night eating is that is can lead to bad food choices and going over your daily required calorie intake. Always be sure that if you are going to eat at night that it fits your calorie and macronutrient goals.

9. “HEALTHY” DRINK ALTERNATIVES – Drinks that are marketed as being healthy, sometimes are not what they seem! Fruit juices tend to be extremely high in sugar (‘might as well eat a chocolate bar’ levels) and DIET sodas are full of toxic sugar substitutes such as aspartame or sucralose. Much better off to grab some water or herbal tea!

10. LOW FAT DAIRY IS BETTER THAN HIGH FAT DAIRY – Once again, contrary to popular marketing tactics, choosing low fat dairy products is not better for your health. These products have been through chemical processing to reduce the fat and a lot of the time the fats removed are actually healthy and beneficial fats that our bodies need!

Thank for reading!


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