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The key to balancing your fitness and social life

Having balance in your life is the true key to success! Here are a few easy tips to help you stay on track and avoid the stress and pressure that social situations can bring on. You need to be able to continue to go out and enjoy life without worrying about slowing down your progress!

First, always try to plan your social events ahead of time. This way you can make sure you have a healthy week prior with no extra cheats that you might typically have. You can also increase your cardio, adding an extra 60-90 minutes throughout the week to account for the extra calories you will consume. If we know our schedule ahead of time, we are able to plan around it, although I know this isn’t always realistic.

If you do find yourself on a spontaneous outing with friends simply try and make the best informed choices when making food choices. When ordering food, one good question to keep in mind is “will this help me move towards my goal or will it set me back?” Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, opt for a leaner cut of meat like chicken or fish, avoid carb heavy dishes like pasta and pizza, and choose salad instead of fries. These are all small ways to help you stay on track. Going to a restaurant shouldn’t be an excuse for bad choices as there are always healthy options, having the will power to make those choices is usually the hard part.

Work can be a place with some of the most temptations, from birthdays and social gatherings, to doughnuts and other goodies being brought into the office. Let the gratification of reaching a long term goal outweigh momentary satisfaction! Don’t allow yourself to feel pressure to indulge only to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings. Sometimes people won’t understand your goals and might try to make you feel guilty, but it’s important to stay strong and if you need extra support, reach out to someone who does understand (your trainer! :P)

Another little trick is to make sure you’re staying on top of your meals throughout the day and have a small meal before you go out. You could also bring a protein shake or healthy snack with you in case you feel the urge to indulge.

Life is about enjoying yourself but also staying balanced. When on a fitness mission use these tricks to help you stay on track. Remember, bend don’t break!


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