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5 reasons you're not getting results in the gym

1 - Not balancing your nutrition properly

Food is just as important as the you time spend exercising. I see many mistakes when it comes to having a balanced diet, which can easily be avoided. One of the main ones, of course, is not getting enough protein. Protein is an essential nutrient that aids in the repair and growth of the muscles. The second most common mistake I see is HIDDEN SUGAR. Sugar can be hidden in things that you would never imagine contain it! Make sure you read labels and track your macronutrients to be sure you aren’t exceeding your sugar intake for the day. And lastly CARBOHYDRATES! They can cause much confusion as some people preach to cut out carbs almost completely to lose weight, although this does help in the short term, your body NEEDS carbs to function and to grow muscle. Carbs are not the enemy, you just need to know what TYPES of carbs to eat, how much to eat and what time of day to eat them.

2 - Not hitting all your muscle groups

When you are working out you need to ensure you are targeting the body as a whole and not ignoring certain muscle groups. Getting on a proper, balanced resistance plan is KEY to seeing changes in your physique. Skipping the weights and only doing cardio is detrimental to achieving results. Although cardio is an important part of everyones exercise routing, it’s just that, a PART of it. If you skip resistance training you’re basically skipping half your workout!

3-Not giving 100% at the gym

The time spent in the gym should be effective. What’s the point of going to the gym only to slack off, chat a bunch and take huge breaks between sets. Keep the intensity up! Time your breaks between sets, try supersets and make sure your heart rate stays UP! Challenge your body with different workout styles and types. Don’t allow yourself to stay at a plateau.

4 - Not staying on a regular routine

In order to get results you have to be committed to the process. If you’re skipping every second workout, you can’t expect to see results. Create a plan for yourself and stay accountable to it! Book your workouts into your schedule!

5 - Not lifting the proper weight

While in the gym, you have to find the right weights for you! If you go to heavy you won’t be able to properly engage the muscles and will have to cheat the exercise making it pointless and potentially dangerous for injury. If you go too light you won’t be challenging yourself, increasing your heart rate or seeing much aesthetic changes.

Always make sure to stay on a structured plan when it comes to your fitness and nutrition. If you need help with this, we can help you! Contact us to book a complimentary consultation with our personal trainer in Vancouver B.C.


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