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Reach your fitness goals for once and for all

We’re well in 2018, and you may have let your New Year’s resolution to get fit slide over the last month or so. That’s okay, there’s still plenty of time left in 2018 to achieve your goals! With Summer quickly approaching, now is the time to reconsider your work out routine. It’s time to take it to next level and push yourself to get results. The easiest way to do this is by investing in your overall wellness and hiring a personal trainer. We pay for lots of reactive medical care like physiotherapy or chiropractors, so why not invest in your body in a proactive manner? We’ve put together a few reasons why a personal trainer Vancouver can up your fitness game, no matter your ability. Whether you haven’t worked out all year, or are consistently working hard and just not seeing results, a personal trainer can get you there.

Personalized Approach – The reason out of the box diet and exercise plans don’t work is simple: everyone is different. Male or female, fitness level, previous injuries, and lifestyle should all be taken into consideration when creating a wellness plan tailored for you. A good trainer will also make adjustments as your ability and lifestyle change over time. There are lots of curveballs in life, and a trainer will helpyou maintain consistency within your workout routine. With a trainer you will also push you harder than you ever could on your own. You will lift more or run farther, even when you thought you couldn’t. Our bodies are extremely capable; sometimes you just need help unlocking your potential.

Tracking and Reaching Your Goals – Setting goals, big and small, is an important part of every fitness plan, and a trainer can help set realistic, attainable objectives. Keeping track of how you’re progressing is also important, so you can see how far you have come. Nothing makes you want to continue persisting more than visible progress. Measurements provide a clear indicator of your achievements rather than the number on the scale, which is often not reflective of your true body composition. If you

gain muscle you are likely gaining weight as well, and seeing that number on the scale rise can be discouraging. A trainer can help you understand when you’re improving rather than declining into being overly self-critical.

Proper Instruction – Lifting weights without proper form makes you very susceptible to injury. While you can look anything up on the internet these days, a trainer is right there with you to give personalized instruction to ensure your safety. They will also know when and how hard to push you to

help you achieve your best, instead of throwing your back out and starting from scratch.

Motivation and Accountability - Finding time to workout in a busy schedule can be tough, and it’s easy to make excuses. A personal trainer minimizes excuses and provides that extra push to get to the gym.

By creating efficient workouts that fit into your schedule, your time is maximized and variety will keep you from getting bored. Trainers will also motivate you to try new workouts, targeting muscles you

wouldn’t on your own. Additionally, a well-rounded training program assists with nutrition. Accountability is key when it comes to diet, since a hard workout can easily be ruined by poor eating habits.

Including a personal trainer in your schedule will help improve your overall wellness and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. If you're not seeing results from your own workouts or are ready to embrace your 2018 resolutions, a personal trainer will take your fitness to the next level.

VIP Fitness & Lifestyle offers industry-leading personal training that delivers results. To learn more and discuss how our team can help you achieve your goals contact us at


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