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Create a Fitness Routine - And Stick To It!

We know that starting a fitness regimen can be intimidating and hard to maintain - especially during the holiday season! So we put together a list of our top tips for keeping your goals on track and maintaining accountability.

1. Create Your Schedule.

Having a routine is key to maintaining your fitness. Find a time to workout that is best for you, whether it be an early morning run or hitting the gym right after work.

You may find that working out first thing is the best way to start your day, or maybe a workout on your lunch break is the perfect way to break up sitting at your desk. Incorporating fitness into

your daily plan holds you accountable to your schedule, and makes you less likely to miss a workout.

2. Have a Workout Buddy.

Motivate a friend, coworker or your significant other to get out there with you. Pick someone you can rely on to stick to a commitment and be encouraging of your goals. A little healthy competition also pushes you to work harder than if you worked out solo. The most important part of a lifestyle change is a strong support system, and you’ll go farther with someone who’s a positive influence and along for the ride.

3. Sign Up For a Class.

Getting out of bed for 6:00am spin class is easier when there’s a motivated group waiting for you. You’re also less likely to back-out last minute if you’ve registered, paid and committed to your spot. Consistently attending the same studio or class also provides a sense of community and support. You’ll be pushed harder, and be motivated to regularly attend favorite instructor’s class.

4. Hire a Personal Trainer.

Get tailored workouts and motivation that fit your goals. Whether it’s multiple times a week or every two, a trainer provides you personalized support to succeed. A personal trainer will start you off with workouts suitable to your fitness level, and adjust as you get stronger to keep you on the right track. Having a personal trainer is a great way to stay accountable, start out strong, and maintain momentum. The right trainer will also help you track your progress. It’s great to have reminder of your accomplishments, no matter how small, especially if you have a hard time seeing them for yourself.

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5. Set Small Weekly Goals.

Every time you accomplish something new, you’ll feel great, and that will encourage you to keep going. By setting small attainable goals, you set yourself up for success. This is much more productive than being focussed on the number on the scale not moving fast enough or a particular body part that isn’t changing as quickly as you’d like.

6. Get on a Roll.

Build momentum and feel great knowing you crushed it at the end of the week. Those endorphins will motivate you to continue on and do even better the following week.

A sustainable and successful workout routine is not about finding time to work out, it’s about making time. Hold yourself accountable and establish a great support team that will keep you on track. Setting yourself up for success will ensure that you reach your goals.

Written by Katie Tatham. Follow Katie at​


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