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How to set Realistic Resolutions

Every year on January 1st we make promises to ourselves about how we are going to better our lives. As we all know, most of these “goals” are usually forgotten about and are never met. Here are a few simple pointers to set practical goals in any aspect of your life:

Set realistic goals: It’s much better to set more small and attainable goals than very large and difficult ones. Part of staying on track is feeling accomplished and nothing feels better than knocking some of those goals off that list!

Think ahead: Don’t wait until the 1st to start thinking about your goals. In order to achieve something, you have to really want it. You should know what your goals will include much before the New Year.

Make a Plan: Writing down a plan solidifies your goals and largely increases your chance of success. Make a realistic plan on how you will be able to achieve these goals with reasonable time frames (example: look up fitness class times and make a calendar or plan a food log)

Involve a Friend: It’s much easier to stick to something if you have the encouragement and support of a loved one. You can both make sure to keep each other on track and motivated.

Stay on Track: You should have weekly, bi weekly or monthly check ins planned with yourself. If you start to slack off you will be reminded of your initial goals when you do this.

Stay positive: Being in the fitness industry we constantly see people struggling with their goals. It’s important that if you do fall off track that you don’t beat yourself up. Just acknowledge and analyze why you did and start fresh. Don’t let one little mistake ruin all of your other success.

Reward yourself: Achieving goals is a reward in itself but make a promise to yourself that when you attain your goal that you will do something nice for yourself (example: go on a little trip, buy yourself some new clothing etc)

These simple steps will help you have lots of success with your New Year Resolutions. It’s also very important to remember that goals don’t come overnight, sometimes they take a long time. You don’t want to expect too much too soon and get discouraged. Good luck with all your New Years Resolutions and any other goals that you have over the year!


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