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Customize your membership, get access to the services you want!

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Vancouvers top team of personal trainers and transformation specialists! We offer a holistic approach to ensure clients can break down common barriers and achieve the results they are looking for! 

 VIP Fitness & Lifestyle is a boutique fitness and wellness studio in Vancouver offering a state of the art 

transformational program as well as individual Fitness, Recovery and Wellness Services and a strong sense of community.

VIP Fitness & Lifestyle is private facility that helps clients enhance their overall lifestyle by offering multiple wellness services. Our carefully selected services work together to assist clientele in whatever areas they need, whether that includes working out with one of our top Vancouver personal trainers, joining one of our group fitness classes, having a nutrition counselling session or life coaching appointment, using our recovery or rehab services or attending one of our regular community events. We assist clientele to boost self esteem and happiness along with improving physical appearance, performance and overall health.

Take control of your life with VIP Fitness & Lifestyle.


Personal Trainer Vancouver

Our private and partner Personal Training Vancouver programs will help you quickly and effectively reach any

of your goals. Our trainers specialize

in transformationsweight loss, muscle building, postural and flexibility enhancement and more!


Vancouver personal trainer.jpeg

Enjoy a boutique private gym experience with our gym memberships.

We maintain a limited capacity and pre-booking to ensure our space never gets too busy! Functional workouts in a supportive and non-intimidating community!



Private Yoga Vancouver

Private yoga is great for beginners or experienced yogi's that what to take their practice to the next level!

Join with one of our flexible memberships to access these services, or book through a drop in!



Kinesiology Vancouver

Our team also consists of some of the top Vancouver Kinesiologists. Specializing in active rehabilitation, sports and athletic conditioning and elite personal fitness training. Our specialists will take care of your kinesiology needs from the second you walk through our door. Active rehabilitation program available


Private pilates vancouver

Experience a personalized pilates workout that is custom tailored to your individual needs.

Join with one of our flexible memberships to access these services, or book through a drop in!


Corporate Fitness Vancouver

Healthy employees are happy employees. We can also offer corporate discounted rates along with private Health, Nutrition and Fitness Workshops!

We offer Corporate or Private Classes with our Personal Trainers! We can accommodate small or large groups in our boutique fitness studio.


Group Fitness Class Vancouver

Join Vancouver's elite Group Fitness Classes at VIP! From Strength Circuits to Yoga and Barre, our classes are a fun and cost effective way to get your workouts in! Our high intensity classes were developed to challenge your body and our restorative classes, to take care of your mind!


Nutritionist Vancouver

Nutrition and lifestyle habits are 

important when it comes to enhancing your fitness and overall wellbeing. Our in-house Nutritionists and Lifestyle coaches provide support to clientele looking to learn balance when it comes to their daily habits. Paired perfectly with our Personal Training program.


Private boxing Vancouver

Try out a private boxing class with one of our skilled Vancouver boxing fitness instructors. Join with one of our flexible memberships to access these services, or book through a drop in!


Fascial Stretch Therapy Vancouver

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a full body functional mobility restoration system. Fascial Stretch Therapy Vancouver is great when dealing with muscle tightness, injuries or muscle imbalances. This assisted stretch will help anyone elevate their work in the gym and day to day movements. 


Massage Therapy Vancouver

Experience instant relief after booking a Massage Therapy appointment with our Vancouver Massage Therapist. Massage Therapy not only eases muscle pain but also soothes anxiety and depression as well as improving sleep. 


Photography Vancouver

Join our community as an independent trainer who is currently running their own business or book our space for your next photoshoot or video shoot!

We can provide full photoshoot packages or space rentals for private classes or workshops!

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