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Vancouver weightloss transformation

Kendall has lost over 120 lbs and almost 30% of her bodyfat! She has learned to live an active lifestyle through weightlifting/circuit training, workout classes, road cycling along with healthy cooking and nutrition. She has truly learned to live the lifestyle and continues to amaze us all by consistently setting and pushing herself towards new goals!

“I’ve been with VIP for over 4 years now and they have played a huge part in where I am today on my fitness path and how I will continue to live an active life.


I came to VIP at my lowest both mentally and physically. I know I needed support and guidance to lose the extra weight and ultimately build up then confidence to go after what I’ve wanted for many years. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle of excess eating and binge drinking. I had tried many “diets” before, and nothing seemed to stick. With their coaching of; what to do at the gym, how to create a healthy relationship with food and sustainable ways to train, all contributed to success. 


The VIP team helped me see my potential even before I did, created a safe space of support and helped me push for more than I even felt possible. ❤️”

Kendall Williams

Vancouver weightloss

Steph T

"I can’t say enough positive things about VIP Fitness & Lifestyle. The trainers consistently go the extra mile, the facility is absolutely gorgeous & clean, plus the staff is super friendly and helpful. I came in looking to really lean down and gain muscle mass. The 6 month transformation pics FLOORED ME! Plus personalized workouts that I can do on my own time. VIP also “gets back to you”- there isn’t a text or email unanswered, which I find very important when investing your time and your fitness to a company. Honestly it is worth it to check it out!! (Did I mention that they have monthly parties that are a blast? Such a bonus!).."

Johnny Staub

Steph T

"With the dozens of gyms that I have been to in my life, this is by far honestly the best one. The atmosphere here, sense of community and space is remarkable. I can’t find words to describe how much this place makes me happy to just walk into. The entire team is amazing. Highly recommend. Thank you VIP team for changing lives. ♥️."

Sadaf Rahimi

Steph T

"I started training at VIP Fitness not that long ago. I did research on several gyms in the area before I selected VIP. This is where I belonged and 2 months in I was right in my decision. The experience has far exceeded my expectations. The workouts are intense but fun. The trainers are supportive, encouraging and look after you every single time.
Thank you to the entire VIP team. I was nervous starting this journey and now I feel like I’m part of a pretty special community.
It’s a 5 star experience I highly recommend!!."

Anna B.

Steph T

"I have been training at VIP for a little under 3 months and it has completely changed my lifestyle and how I approach fitness. The facility is beautiful and the staff is so friendly and welcoming - they always greet you by name with a smile and you can just tell these are people who love what they do. I have been training with Tirra and I could not recommend her any more highly. Not only is she super knowledgeable and has taught me so much about how to move my body properly, but she is like a ray of sunshine - so full of energy and positivity. She will push you hard, harder than you even think possible sometimes, but she will make sure you get the results you want.

There is also an app to help you track your workouts which definitely helps you to be accountable and push towards your goals. I have never felt stronger in my life and I have the team at VIP to thank."

Shirel B.

Steph T

"VIP fitness & Lifestyle is a team of super knowledgeable, dedicated, and fun trainers with a fantastic gym! Their equipment is top notch and the space is bright and clean. Very friendly staff and a very personal environment, everyone says hi with a smile when you walk in. A great gym experience over all."

Stuart A.

Steph T

"I am doing a once a week group training class here and LOVE it! The trainer that we have is fantastic! She is motivating and really knows how to get the group moving! She even pointed out some specific weaknesses that we had and how to work on them! VERY IMPRESSED!."

Carol C.

Steph T

"VIP Fitness is a group of AMAZING trainers. Super fun to train with and they all motivate you in fun and creative ways to keep you on track to meet and maintain your goals. The workout routines they set up for you to use outside of your training sessions are so helpful and make your gym time purposeful when you're training on your own time. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their physical health and nutritional awareness or rehab injuries and increase mobility."

Emma S.

Steph T

"LOVE VIP Fitness & Lifestyle! I've been working out here for the last 3 months and I've seen a massive shift in my body and my energy levels. I'm so grateful to be able to learn from the pros. With a busy schedule and a business to run, it's amazing to be able to walk into the gym and have the best guidance and a go-to game plan set up for me."

Sunny L.

Steph T

"I’ve been training at VIP for just over a month now and I feel like my life (and body) has totally changed! The supportive staff and trainers help so much with my motivation to show up and work my butt off! In the short time that I’ve been training at VIP I’ve seen my confidence skyrocket and my physical strength improve significantly. I’m so excited to grow more, learn more and see more change in myself while at VIP."

Alex J.

Steph T

"VIP Fitness is the best! They keep me motivated, on track, and accountable! They challenge me every time I see them and I'm definitely seeing the results I want. All hail the BOOTY queen Phaedra!! Thanks to her, but butt is growing and abs are more defined!"

Jen D.

Steph T

"Their facility is 1st rate. It's Extremely well equipped in a very clean & modern environment. They have another tastefully designed second floor semi private gym.
Their professional & friendly staff are helpful, & their experienced & knowledgeable personal trainers are among the best in the city.
If you're looking for an alternative to the large impersonal Vancouver gyms, this is the place for you."

D Collins

Steph T

"Excellent trainers, I mean excellent, effective trainers who really care for their clients. Group classes are intense, but accessible. Love it! And I was somehow the only person who showed up to Tom's group class on Wednesday. Who could miss such a quality workout? Come get it while it's not busy, because this is the best gym I've worked out in Vancouver, no question. This place blew me away."

Geoffrey L.

Steph T

"I love being a member at VIP Fitness & Lifestyle where everyone feels like family and keeps you pumped before, during, and after your workout. The best vibe of any gym I've been to and the most enthusiastic group of trainers to keep kicking my butt!

Although I've only been working out with a trainer so far, I like fitness places that take a holistic approach to health. Workouts are important but there is also the nutrition, mental, and recovery part of it and VIP offers services that cover it all under one roof!"

Steph T.

Steph T

"This is a great place to work out. I didn't know anything about resistance training and the trainers have been patient with my development and I feel that they have my best interests in mind. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging and make you feel welcome. The workouts are hard but I always feel good when I leave. I would recommend this place to anyone."

Shelagh M.

Steph T

"VIP gives you the attention and support you need for success.
It feels more like a community than a gym. They offer a number of different membership plans and services so this can be a place for everyone. You can find me there three times a week (with bells on)!
The trainers are there for you not only in person, but also via social media platforms and instant connection through their personalized app.
This gym truly lives up to it's name of VIP with their professionalism, friendly faces, positive attitudes and good vibes."

Tessa M.

Steph T

"Everything about this fitness club is A+. Their personal trainers are super knowledgeable and friendly, and they always make you feel really welcome unlike some other clubs out there. They have MT's and all types of other therapists that work out of there too, so they're really all about optimizing your mind, body, and soul. Highly recommend!"

Dennis P.

Steph T

"We love the team at VIP! My husband and I started partner training a few weeks ago (after a few years of weight gain and injuries) and the team here has been nothing but SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING! You're not just a client number...the team here treat you like true VIP's. Workouts are intense and challenge your body...but isn't that what you want?! :P Joining VIP has been the best decision we've made towards a happier and healthier life.."

Judy M.

Steph T

"Training with VIP fitness was a life-changing experience, I was able to level myself up and conquer achievements that I did not think were possible. VIP gave me the confidence / tools I needed to continue to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend them to anybody that is looking for a solution to their fitness / nutrition needs. #VIP"

Nathan A.

Steph T

"I absolutely love it. As soon as you walk in the doors you are greeted by the amazing staff. Trainers are very supporting and great at pushing you with your training. They are on top of your progress and continuously motivating you to reach your goals. I was struggling with lifting heavier weights at home, but now I have been slowly increasing the weights and have been seeing the progress. Super happy with my training!!!"

N Khan.

Steph T

"Three months in and I'm very happy with the results. I quickly gained weight to meet my first personal goal, and the skills I'm learning from these excellent trainers will, I'm certain, take me to my next one. Their offerings of other services together ensure that you're not just getting a physical transformation, but a total one. I learned a lot about how my body works and where the quirks are in my form, and I don't think I would have got that on my own.."

Kenneth B.


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VIP Fitness & Lifestyle App
VIP Fitness & Lifestyle App
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