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Vancouver Fitness Community



Our clients make up an extremely charismatic and dynamic community. We see clients of all ages (literally from 8-80+) and backgrounds. Our inclusive community is made up of likeminded individuals who want to establish habits and routines and continue to elevate themselves past their current state. Our clients are ready for change and know that with VIP guidance they will be set on the direct path to achieving their goals.


Our community is a positive and supportive enviornment that welcomes any and EVERY body! It is a zero judgement zone as this should be a positive experience for all clients at all points of their journey. Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before, or you are an elite level athlete, our DYNAMIC team will will be able to create an integrated plan thats right for you. Don't let gym fear hold you back!

Being a part of a community makes us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It gives us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, to make us feel safe and secure.

At VIP, our community is so strong and supportive. We regularly host community events such as open houses, workshops, sports days, parties and more! We also have an amazing online community that connects through social media. Clients and their coaches are also able to connect through our online training app, VIP Virtual!


VIP Fitness & Lifestyle App


VIP Fitness & Lifestyle App
VIP Fitness & Lifestyle App
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