10 Healthy Snack Ideas

February 2, 2016

These 10 easy and quick snacks are great to curb your appetite without throwing your fitness goals off! 



1. VEGGIES AND HUMMUS - Hummus is easy to make and full of healthy fats, fibrous carbs and protein! A very well balanced choice.



2. GREEK YOGURT AND BERRIES - This is a great way to kick your sweet tooth without falling off track. Greek yogurt is high in protein, just watch for added sugars, plain is always the best way to go.


3. RICE CAKES WITH NUT BUTTER - If you're craving some innocent carbs, rice cakes are always a safe bet. We love to top them with organic nut butters and banana or berries!


4. SERVING OF FRUIT - This seems like a simple option but is so often overlooked. An apple or banana before or after your workout is a great way to give yourself some energy or restore the glycogen in your muscles!

5. SMOOTHIE - Fresh or frozen fruit, some kale or spinach, peanut butter, frozen greek yogurt cubes, even some avocado are all great additions to this simple and yummy snack. 


6. FRIED EGG WITH HUMMUS AND AVOCADO - Spice up your usual fried eggs with some hummus and sliced or mashed avocado. Red onion is also a great addition to this combo.

7. ROASTED CHICKPEAS - These are also a very cheap and simple thing to make. If you want

snack-ey/munchie food then these are great! 



8. KALE CHIPS - Another great option if you are craving a salty crunchy snack food. Super easy to make at home or you can buy them at most organic grocers or whole foods.